iTape for iPhone

Whether you are an Apple fan or not, the apparent flaw with the iPhone 4 external antenna gets interesting on many levels – including the tech itself, why it wasn’t found during pre-launch testing, Apple’s reaction, customer relations, and testing by various entities. 

It seems that if you hold the iPhone in a way that your hand touches a certain spot on the antenna that are on the edge of the phone, it causes signal loss, and degrades reception. Apple started out suggesting it was a software issue – but has since said that the fix is to hold the phone in a certain way. Which resulted in this YouTube video showing how Steve Jobs and others in Apple ads are holding it “wrong”.

Apparently the problem can be solved by putting the phone in a case, or by applying tape to the offending spot. (Is adding tape the equivalent of taping your glasses?)

One enterprising person is selling iTape, stating that the proceeds are going to charity.

There have been suggestions that there should be a recall, or that Apple should offer free cases, or that its not important enough to worry about.


  1. I’ll probably wait for the fixed model—and to see what Rogers plans for those of us with current contracts. But on the plus side, the iPhone 4 has a kick ass video camera. Check out these side-by-side comparison videos of the iPhone and the Canon 7D.

  2. Here’s a ZDNet take on the “Antennagate” problem, written by a ZDNet columnist who is an admitted Apple groupie (his description is “Mac fan”).

    Me? As a somebody who just bought a not-yet-out-of-the-box-iPad, I’d like those people with iPads with WiFi, who have hands big enough to palm beachballs, to hold the iPad in the way that causes the iPhone problem.

    Why? A free bumper case is what everyone wants for Christmas (or its analogoue) for their iPad, isn’t it? Even if one doesn’t expect to be playing “closies” with it?

  3. Here’s an innovative solution, featured today on Mashable:

    Antenn-aids are described by the seller as “custom vinyl sitcker[s] for your iPhone 4.” The Band-Aid for your iDevice is designed to be placed over the lower left corner of the antenna. And while the seller takes great pains to ensure that buyers understand that the Antenna-aid is for entertainment purposes only, chances are, the solution will work at least as well as tape or another type of protective covering.

    The bandages are being sold in packs of six for $4.99. Each Antenna-aid is a different color so you can color-coordinate.

    The best part about it is their slogan:

    Apple made a boo-boo. Make it all better