Law-Related Movies

On my new legal research and writing website, I decided to include an updated version of information I had on law-related movies from an old law school course page for international law students and legal research that I had developed a number of years ago.

The new pages are at:

Law-Related Movies

There are 90 law-related movies listed, along with short reviews by me and a link to an external movie review (usually Roger Ebert or the New York Times).

Topics covered include:

“A to Z” List of Law-Related Movies
Movies Organized by Substantive Law Subject
Court Martial Movies
Courtroom Dramas
Inspirational Lawyer Movies
Prison-Related Movies
Top 10

I was surprised (but partially thrilled) when a few US law school professors had emailed me a few months back suggesting new titles to be added to the old site (which had not been updated for close to 6 to 7 years). Their interest in part prompted me to update the lists and add them to this site.

I welcome suggestions for other law-related movies to be included and for comments on your favourite law-related movies. I will likely update my “Top 10” list shortly.

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