Google Pulls Nexus Phone From Website

Last Friday Google announced it will be discontinuing its Google Nexus One phone sales online,

This week we received our last shipment of Nexus One phones. Once we sell these devices, the Nexus One will no longer be available online from Google. Customer support will still be available for current Nexus One customers.

Guess who got one of the last orders in and received their Google Nexus phone in the mail today?

Google Nexus

There is plenty of speculation as to why Google pulled the product from online sales, much of it to do with pricing and inadequate marketing, but also the presence of clones available soon after the release.

Most people, myself included, were reluctant to purchase the phone without trying it out. I was lucky enough to test drive one for a day and I was sold based on the simplicity, features, and emerging iPhone 4 problems. Besides, the screen interface appears near-invincible.

The continued customer service for Nexus users might not be something to be too excited about though, if customer satisfaction over the past few months is any indication. But at least the Android market is showing some promise with over 38,000 apps and growing. Google has been releasing updates to Android for the Nexus One before anyone else.

Although the custom engraving on the phone is pretty nifty it also limits your resale (or return) options, especially if you’ve opted for the UMTS band 4/AWS version that does not work on Bell, Telus, Fido or Rogers’ 3G networks.

I guess I’ll be surfing in the WIND for a while. And no, you cannot have mine, though if you’re nice to me I’ll let you play.


  1. Dear Omar,
    I don’t want to play with your device.
    38,000 apps – Apple has 200,000 – over.
    The i-Phone 4 debacle, the unprecedented media conference, and no recall. Pulled the major competitors under the bus with them (and I agree, that was nasty, because they (the competitors) were compelled to respond – non?). Ugly. They should have recalled the devices (to the tune of 1.6 billion).
    Did you notice how their stock reacted today?
    It’s up – large.
    Seriously – why did you buy this? I’m interested……
    I have 2 kids – 12, 13 – they own the first Apple i-Phones. Magic.
    Google – I’m developing content for Android now for my company (Apple was first and is done and selling on i-Tunes), but even the developers in L.A. – they are hard to hold – cause they’re so busy with Apple.
    What compelled you?
    feel free to contact me offline:

  2. Hi Janet,
    It was time for me to upgrade my phone, and if I did want to do the iPhone4 I would have to wait some time to use it in Canada. I am aware that Apple has more apps, but I wasn’t convinced that’s the way I wanted to go.

    Additionally, my carrier (who I will not name) did not have the best options for data. On WIND I’m going with unlimited voice and data, for a much better price, even if it does mean I’m opting out from major carriers.

    The best part about the Nexus is the OS, which will probably be adopted by other Android phones in the future. I tried several different Android phones and liked this one the best. If Google Voice does make it to Canada, I’m pretty sure Google will make sure that it works on Nexus first.

    Besides, these days shouldn’t we all be the Google-friendly lawyer?