A Tale of Two Carnivals

Caribana 2009 Toronto 039No, this is not about Caribana taking place in Toronto this Simcoe Day long weekend. Rather, it is about two reciprocal blog carnivals that were posted yesterday. You may recall a blog carnival is a review of recent blog posts on a topic that rotates around, hosted on different blogs. While the subject matter may be serious, blog carnivals have a playful element. You may also recall we hosted Blawg Review (the law blog carnival) #249, here on Slaw.ca in February, written by Omar Ha-Redeye.

This time around, Ed, the Editor of Blawg Review, and Charles H. Green, co-author of The Trusted Advisor and editor of the Carnival of Trust, have written reciprocal carnival blog posts. Ed hosted this week’s Carnival of Trust, and in fine Blawg Review tradition, has given it a theme–this time it’s Las Vegas. And Charles H. Green has hosted Blawg Review 275 on his blog Trust Matters. Each is a fun, quick read, so I encourage you to head over to both.

And just as I am discovering the Carnival of Trust, today Green tells us that this is the last Carnival of Trust as he is retiring this format. He says:

But at least for TrustMatters readers, things have shifted. We rarely get the kind of commentary we got in the past, and I think that’s for good reason. The role that the Carnival played for us in the past is increasingly being played out on Twitter and LinkedIn, and in community aggregators like the Customer Collective.

He has a point. Blog carnivals have been challenging things to maintain in the best of times. If interest of readers wanes, it is difficult to keep up the enthusiasm and good quality. The Carnival of the Infosciences, for example, while successful in its heyday was disbanded a couple of years ago for that very reason. This only helps to highlight how impressive the Blawg Review really is, and how Ed’s commitment and the interest of law bloggers and blog readers has really been unflagging all these years.

Image: Caribana 2009 Toronto 039 by A. daSilva Photography made available under Creative Commons.

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