The Friday Fillip

I often think that the only truly harmless thing that human beings do together is the making of music. If I include dancing as well, then I’ve embraced the two videos I offer you today, each of which shows how much pleasure we can get and give in groups, and will, I hope, delight you.

The first relies on surprise and incongruity: you’re at a big city train terminal, hustling on in your daily commute when:

The expressions on the faces of the onlookers are something wonderful to see.

The second is surprising because it makes use of technology to “congregate” 182 singers into a truly harmonious choir, singers who have never met each other or, indeed, the conductor/composer:

If you’d like an explanation of how this was accomplished, take a look at this video as well.


  1. Thanks, Simon! These are fantastic!

  2. Flash mobs are fun. Usually.

    Police in London, U.K. now consider them a public safety and public health problem. And sometimes the mobs turn violent. Probably not the “Sound of Music” crowd though, anyhow.