Zotero Everywhere

Zotero has announced that it will be releasing a standalone desktop version of the program that will integrate with Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome. At the present, Zotero is only an extension to the Firefox browser.

Zotero is a free note-taking application much favoured by researchers and others who need to clip, annotate, and organize material from the web along with bibliographic metadata. Zotero comes with a variety of bibliographic and citation styles built in (though not, I think, the Canadian legal citation format).

This move will make Zotero Everywhere a sensible alternative to other popular note-taking tools, such as Evernote, for example.

Unfortunately, Zotero has adopted the Microsoft approach to releasing new applications, which is to announce that they are coming . . . soon. I much prefer the Apple approach that doesn’t rely on promises. Let’s hope that this doesn’t turn into vapourware. And foolishly, from my point of view at least, there’s no provision on their website for you to register your email address to get a notification when the product does in fact hit the bricks. You can, however, follow Zotero on Twitter at @zotero, where I presume, the release announcement will be made.

If you’re interested, you’ll see that we’ve talked about Zotero a good deal on Slaw: [related-posts]


  1. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for writing up Zotero Everywhere. There is zero chance of vaporware in this initiative. Developer versions of the Chrome and Safari Zotero Connector extensions are already in our public code repository, as is a working version of Standalone Zotero. Hope this allays your fears!

    Sean Takats
    Zotero Co-Director

    P.S. Not sure which Apple you’re talking about. The one I know has long been the king of announce and wait: iMac, iPhone, iPad…