The Dean’s Blog

The days when law students lament over whether they should “blog” are surely over when the Dean of Law has their own blog.

Lorne Sossin, Dean of Osgoode Hall, has just launched Dean Sossin’s Blog, where he “can draw your attention to topics that affect Osgoode, our students and the broader legal and academic community.” The sole post is from Monday, and provides a response to Maclean’s always contentious 2010 law school rankings.

It’s not off to a bad start, although there could be greater use of the hyperlinking function. There also appears to be a significant delay in approving the moderated comments. But the use of a shortened-url in there ( does indicate some level of social media of sophistication.

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, he’s been on Twitter since the summer.

Maybe now we can move beyond whether if law students and faculty should be blogging/tweeting, and instead start focusing on what the content should be.

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