The Elephant for Memory

Readers will notice that we’ve added a small new feature to Slaw. Down at the bottom of entries, at the end of the after-post line that invites you to “Share,” you’ll see this:

It’s the “article clipper” from Evernote, the free, cross-platform, cross-browser, multi-device, note-taking application. If you have an account with Evernote and want to save a Slaw entry to one of your notebooks, simply click on the clipper and a popup will take care of the rest.

As always with changes (we like to call them improvements) to Slaw, if for some reason you have difficulty or if you simply have a comment, don’t hesitate to let us know.


  1. At Courthouse Libraries BC we’ve been looking into tools lawyers can use to track and organize case law (and more) and were quite impressed by Evernote – particularly the Premium version has a lot to offer. See our review in our blog The Stream.