Feminist Blog From Osgoode

Take a look at the IFLS site. The Institute for Feminist Legal Studies at Osgoode Hall Law School has been running a blog since the beginning of summer. All, or nearly all, posts are by the Director of the institute, Professor Sonia Lawrence, and they range across a wide spectrum of kinds — as should be the case in a good, general topic blog.

For example, the latest post is about a book by Professor John Kang called “The Man Question”, there’s a post about the state of feminism, a post about the recent court decision striking down laws concerning prostitution, and a post rounding up commentary about the plight of Justice Douglas.

I’ve one or two minor technical suggestions: the theme the blog is using buries the name of the poster and the date of the post in tiny and faint type at the bottom of the post: better if it were more prominent. And there’s a bit of confusion on the site as to what is the blog and what is more general information about the Institute. But this is very much a blog worth following (RSS feed — no Twitter account yet).