So You Want to Go to Law School

My assistant came across this YouTube video. It had me laughing out loud. The comments in it are hilarious, and biting. It is worth a look.


  1. You beat me to it! This was created with web-based animation software

    I haven’t tried it out yet, but it looks like fun. You choose your setting/characters and then type in the dialogue, and the animated characters do the rest from what I can see.

  2. Thx for the shoutout -I wrote the video and cannot believe the response to it!!

  3. You both beat me to it. Xtranormal was to be this week’s Friday Fillip. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

    If you liked this video, you might like this one as well:

  4. I found the video pretty tedious and predictable and moved on to something else about half-way through. A couple of mildly funny jokes don’t compensate for its laboriously negative point of view. This guy would have been miserable in any line of work.

  5. Hmmm,John, it seems to be a trend. Here is the one created about someone wanting to go to library school:

    “You will live on gin and valium. When you run out of them, you will live on spite.”


  6. There is a trend about people regretting law school. Here is an interesting article from Seems like a pretty dire situation down south. But it isn’t so hot here – we all know the number of articling positions has dried up in recent years.

  7. Hi again

    I’ve got a new video up starring the young woman from the Law School video. It’s the first in a new series in which she actually takes the plunge and heads to law school. Please take a look — i’d love another shout-out for my videos.

    David Kazzie

  8. Oops — I forgot the link to the video