Using Chrometa for Time Management

Any lawyer with a busy practice regularly turns around and wonders where their day went. With Chrometa you can identify where you tend to use your time and evaluate if you can be more efficient while at work.

Chrometa will tell you which applications you use the most, such as your word processor, web browser, or e-mail program (i.e. Outlook), keep track of your breaks, and chart your productivity per hour during the day.

For those of us stuck with billable hours, it also allows you to record different projects related to specific clients.

It’s only available as a beta version on Windows right now, but they are developing a Mac version soon.

Introduction to Chrometa from JP Ren on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for the great article, Omar! If we can assist your readers in getting up and running with Chrometa, they are more than welcome to contact me directly. Thanks!

    Brett Owens