New Titles From the Canadian Legal Publishers

A number of new titles have caught my eye as useful additions or updates to Canadian legal literature.

In no particular order:

  • Canadian Trademark Law (LexisNexis Canada): I have found the scholarship of Professor Teresa Scassa to be useful in some of the research I do so am looking forward to her new treatise on trademark law (shouldn’t that be “trade-mark” law (with a hyphen) since the Act uses a hyphen?).
  • Lawyer’s Weekly Digital Edition (LexisNexis Canada): It appears that LexisNexis Canada is more formally promoting the digital subscription version of its weekly newspaper. Although it will continue to be published in print, one wonders to what extent lawyers will be willing to give up the comfort of the print version for a digital version. I don’t miss the print version of the Ontario Reports so am looking forward to experimenting with receiving the digital subscription version. Less clear is the extent to how Carswell will market The Law Times – the main rival newspaper – that Carswell acquired when it took over Canada Law Book. Until now, The Lawyer’s Weekly had the advantage of having an online archival version on Quicklaw (from November 1990 to current). It would be nice if Carswell would make archival content of The Law Times available as well.

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