This time of year is known for many notable culture touchstones, the changing of the leaves, the time change Halloween, Remembrance Day and usually a new legislative agenda in Parliament and in Legislatures across the land. Slawyer David Canton noted several Williams that touch on IT last week and I wanted to draw your attention to a few more, both federally and in this part of the country.

Federally, of interest to readers of Slaw is: Bill C-53, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (mega-trials), 3rd Sess, 40th Parl, 2010. AKA: The Fair and Efficient Trials Act. I have not had the opportunity to fully digest the content of this act, in short this bill addresses the length and operations of large trials. I’m sure Slawyers will have lots of opinion on this one.

There is also Bill C-52, An Act regulating telecommunications facilities to support investigations, 3rd Sess, 40th Parl, 2010. AKA: Investigating and Preventing Criminal Electronic Communications Act. It been almost two years since I’ve mentioned 1984, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to keep my pattern going. Why? I’ll let the CBC story explain it, “The federal Conservatives have reintroduced legislation that would allow police and intelligence officials to intercept online communications and get personal information from internet service providers (ISPs) about their subscribers without first obtaining a warrant.”” My definition of “unreasonably impairing the privacy of individuals” and that of the Federal government seem to differ greatly.

More locally, we have: Bill 81, An Act to Regulate the Searching for Treasure on Oak Island in Lunenburg County and to Repeal Chapter 477 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Treasure Trove Act,2nd Sess, 61st Leg, Nova Scotia, 2010. If you have not heard of Oak Island, suffice it to say that the Caribbean has Jack Sparrow, Nova Scotia has Oak Island; for roughly 200 years, a subject of legend, myth and several attempts to discover a pirate’s treasure. In order to ensure that whatever may be found at Oak Island or other possible sunken treasures in and off Nova Scotia will not be lost to the province should someone finally prove successful at figuring out this early security device.

Also of note in Nova Scotia is: Bill 38, Voluntary Carbon Emissions Offset Fund Act, 2nd Sess, 61st Leg, Nova Scotia, 2010 as you might have guessed from the title an effort to create a voluntary carbon offset program.

To finish on a positive note, Nova Scotia also has, Bill 15, Viola Desmond Day Act, 2nd Sess, 61st Leg, Nova Scotia, 2010. In order to establish November 8th as Viola Desmond Day in Nova Scotia in order to honour her struggle against racism in Nova Scotia.

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