A Custom Search Engine for Canadian Law Blogs

Inspired by Ted Tjaden’s custom search engine that principally queries Canadian law firms, I’ve put together a Google Custom Search Engine for Canadian law blogs. The engine queries only the 249 blogs which are currently on the Canadian law blogs list maintained by Steve Matthews at lawblogs.ca.

As I explain on the page, because Google doesn’t let you rank your CSE results by date, I’ve given you the option of looking at results from the past day, a week, a month, or year.

What would make this really useful, of course, would be an RSS feed for your search; Google doesn’t offer that option, but I’m working on ways to get at it.

Please let me know if you have suggestions or comments.


It’s been suggested others might like to put the search box on their websites, so I’ve created a more portable version and have spelled out the code for it on the search engine page.


  1. Nice work Simon. When we finally get the revamped lawblogs.ca online, I’m hoping we’ll have some complimentary features.

    Maybe we can add a link or a CSE search box into the design somehow?

  2. I agree…wonderful work SImon. Already used this in a presentation today!!! This is a great idea.



  3. This s fantastic. I’ll be using it all the time in my research.

    Is there an embed option or tool, which would allow this to be posted at other law blogs?

    Garry J. Wise

  4. Good idea, Garry. Let me see if I can work out an embed for it. I should be able to make a google gadget from it, but I’d want it to be generally available.

  5. Okay, I’ve created a smaller version and have put the code on the search box page —Custom Search Engine for Canadian law blogs –so that you can embed the search engine in your website if you wish.

  6. Thank you, thank you!

    I’ve used an even more sleeked-down variation – you’ll find it in our middle column below the twitter widget. Let me know if this version is OK with you.

    Garry J. Wise

  7. Nice! This will be very useful for a lot of people, Simon. Will you put a link to it from the Projects tab on the right sidebar so we can find it in the future?


  8. Garry, that’s just fine. Thanks for including us in your great blog. I think Google expects that there’ll be a mention of their Custom Search Engine. Could you throw that in somewhere?

    Connie, I’ll likely put it as a search box on the front page, with a link to the page where folks can get it.

  9. Even better, Simon! Thanks.

  10. Simon:

    I’ve addded the Google reference, as suggested.


    Garry J. Wise