Firefox Tip: An Easy Way to Start Multiple Websites

Many of you will launch the same group of sites each time you start your browser at the start of a the day (i.e., email, LinkedIn, Facebook, SLAW, New York Times etc.). Firefox has a great feature that will help you do this more easily.

Notice that the bottom of each folder in the Firefox bookmarks list has a “Open All in Tabs” option.

Create a bookmarks folder called “Startup” and add bookmarks to the various sites you want to launch at the start each day. One click on the “Open All in Tabs” link will open all the sites in your Startup

Remember to drag and drop the Startup folder to the top of your bookmarks list so that it is easy to find and access.


  1. Good tip! Also, if you go to Tools | Options | General you can set the current set of open tabs to be your “Home Page” so that when you start Firefox it will open that tab group automatically.

  2. Hello, I’m fond of Firefox, and I like these features. Another good one I use is the option to save the current tabs before closing the main Firefox window. If you are working on a large set of searching results in multiple tabs, not yet saved in any former folder, and it’s like 2:00-3:00 am in the night – thus you decide to go to bed, but you don’t want to miss your tabs, try to do so:
    1) close all Firefox windows but the one you’re currently working on with the multiple tabs open;
    2) make sure all interesting tabs were in the same window; if not, just drag-and-drop the interesting tabs all in the same window, and close all other windows;
    3) finally, try to close the main Firefox window: a pop-up message should ask you if you really want to close the multiple tabs window, and ask you to choose if you want to clear the order, or simply to close the window, or save the records for the next access and then close the window as requested.
    Ok – choose to save for the next access: next morning, as soon as you open the Firefox browser window, all the last saved tabs will be open first, and you will be able to go on working exactly from the point you’ve got the night before.
    Make sure your Mozilla Firefox browser options are set for this operation – try it before you have to save important data. Please notice that it works only for a multiple tabs selection and only for the last Firefox window – if there are other windows open, you’ll not be requested to save; if there is only one tab open in your last window, you’ll not be requested to save as well.