iPad iOS 4.2 Software Update

I am relatively pleased with having updated my iPad last night to the newest version of their operating software, being iOS 4.2.

The much-talked-about update provides folders for apps, integrated email accounts, keyword searching within a Safari browser when on a webpage, the ability to have multiple apps open at the same time plus other features that may prove promising in the future (including AirPrint, currently limited to selected HP printers with that feature).

All in all, it was about a 30 minute process, with it taking longer to sort apps into appropriate folders.

What was not immediately stated in any of the materials I read is the following:

– to “activate” the multitasking between apps, you need to “double click” the Home button and an “apps bar” pops open on the bottom of the screen that can be scrolled left to right

– likewise, to turn the “anti-rotation” feature on or off you need to activate this same apps bar, which also allows you to change the brightness of the screen and access the volume for the iPod

– I realized soon on that it was quicker to sort apps into folders using iTunes on my laptop (as opposed to doing it directly on the iPad). Just remember to “apply” the changes within iTunes before disconnecting your iPad (I learned the hard way).

All in all, an improvement in functionality, although one might reasonably ask why it took Apple so long to implement these improvements.


  1. Ran the OS 4.2 update. It certainly makes the thing run faster when I’m playing Scrabble or not using it as an I(mouse)pad.

    Thanks for the heads-up things, too.


  2. I had this happen to me and found online it was quite a common occurrence, so I thought I’d share:

    One inexplicable side-effect of the new update (as great as it is overall) is that some of your stored media (music, videos, etc.) might seem to “disappear.” I put that in quotation marks because it really is still there.

    The accepted solution (which I can confirm worked for me) is the same as with the iPhone, found here: