St. Nicholas Day

December 6th is an on odd date in history with many tragic events; odd that it is also St. Nicholas Day, and the 2010 version of December 6th brought with it a storm surge/weather bomb that few expected in this region. December 6th is the anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique Massacre in 1989. Those of us who remember that time likely have vivid memories of it, so much so that I don’t feel that I am able to do that event justice in this forum; I will focus on another event which December 6th marks the anniversary. Actually, I’m going to do the Slaw version of a retweet, or in this case reSlaw. The reason is an event that resonates to this day in Halifax. That is the Halifax Explosion, which I have posted about on different anniversaries of that disaster. The post-link that follows includes some caselaw and legislation that came about directly because of that incident: December 6, 1917.

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