The Relaunched Canadian Law Blogs List

Stem Legal has relaunched the Canadian Law Blogs List at started by Steve Matthews in September 2005. The List is an open directory of Canadian blogging lawyers, law librarians, marketers, IT professionals and paralegals (essentially anyone blogging in the legal industry in Canada).

Along with a new look, the new site features:

The question arose in “Twitterville” as to why this particular list is embraced by legal bloggers whereas other similar lists have not been successful. I believe there are a number of reasons for the success of

  • Steve Matthews started the List as a contribution to the legal blog community when he was still in-house (it was not started as a business venture)
  • Steve is respected in the law blog community
  • many members of Stem Legal are themselves law bloggers
  • owners of the blogs listed are respected
  • the site does not re-appropriate content from the blogs listed. The site says: “Blog posts shown on the site are temporarily displayed but not stored; the content in each post is owned by its respective author.”
  • there is no fee to be listed
  • bloggers are invited to have their blogs removed if they do not wish to have them listed

I like the new look of the site and what they have done with it. The new site is considered to be in beta, and we are invited to take the beta survey.

What do you think of the updated look? Are there are any other features you would like to see?


  1. Thanks Connie. I think the message we want to get out is that each blog’s listing can be customized. That would be more difficult if we were a larger group, but we’re not. If a blog is addressing an area of practice that we haven’t included, for example, bloggers can drop me a note, or use the new submission form to help reclassify their listing.

    We also have the capacity to remove the RSS feed display for a particular blog, and still have a blog listed. That’s just a comfort level decision for each blogger.

    One caveat to blog owners, though. We’re in the process of weeding blogs that haven’t posted in the prior year. In the future, we want to start doing periodic checks to make sure we’re addressing how current the blogs listed are. A year seems pretty generous from our perspective. :)

    Thanks again,