Welcome to Attorney at Work – Subscribe for Daily Ideas

Careful readers of Slaw’s Linkblogs may have noticed Steve Matthews post on adding RSS feeds.

While that’s very useful, I also want to point Slaw readers’ attention to the new website Attorney at Work on which Steve’s post is published and to an invitation to receive “One Really Good Idea Every Day”.

The project is the brainchild of Merrilyn Astin Tarlton, and Joan and Mark Feldman who were responsible for many years for the excellent Law Practice magazine of the American Bar Association. So I must declare an interest. You’ll see a number of members of the Slaw community listed as advisors.

“One Really Good Idea Every Day” is the tagline as well as the mission for the venture.

“We make a promise to our subscribers that we will keep the noise down,” says Feldcomm’s Joan Feldman. “Our concept is simple and elegant. Each morning, a single item will appear in your inbox. It will be an easy and quick read, rich with practical and doable ways to make things better.”

The brief daily items will be written by any of over 100 experts who will provide sharp, savvy and timely information on
marketing, career development, technology, time management, money matters, life balance, health issues and more.

More voices – welcome to the blogosphere.


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