Law on iTunes U

A couple of years ago I posted on the few offerings about law that were available on iTunes U, Apple’s semi-successful attempt to corral some serious podcasts and videos. I’ve had another look and find that the corpus has grown — though it hasn’t exploded in the way I imagined it might — and now contains a fair number of worthwhile lectures, both audio and video.

Searching for law in iTunes U isn’t particularly easy. There’s no category for it per se, and it’s variously plunked in other slots in the roster of topics. And searching for “law” either in the title or in the “description” throws up a plethora of lectures with law’s scientific and other meanings. But I’ve managed to find just over a dozen universities that have put law-related material on iTunes U, and I’ve made a spreadsheet of my findings, with links that will take you directly to iTunes or to a web page that contains a link over to iTunes (linking to iTunes proper being another thing Apple and the universities have to work on).

The spreadsheet, set out below, is done in Google Docs, so it will update if and when people send me material that I’ve missed. You can copy this link as well — — which takes you to a Google webpage containing the data, which will also update as need be, and which is not as cramped for width as the embedded material here.


  1. Thanks, Simon. This is helpful information. Happy New Year! Virginia