Federal Cabinet Shuffles

The federal cabinet was just shuffled. I have been waiting, impatiently, to post this. News was slow to filter my way, until I found this site, which offers live tweets. Well done Toronto Star.

For those who just want news without any commentary iPoliticsca tweets:

Kent, Ablonczy, Fantino and Menzies are the new four in Cabinet #cabshuff #cdnpoli

I suppose I could have tuned in to CPAC, but like many web video services, it doesn’t play nice at the office.

What is your favourite method for watching political news?


  1. One perk of working from home is getting to watch CBC Newsworld as news is breaking. Their daytime coverage is usually excellent. Unfortunately I wasn’t in front of the tube during this news story, so don’t know how it compared this time around.

    I get a kick out of seeing the tweets of David Akin, new National Bureau Chief of Sun Media, show up in that Toronto Star twitter stream. Bravo to The Star for apparently not censoring the tweets!