practicePRO’s Most Popular Malpractice Claim Prevention Downloads for 2010

We’ve compiled the list of the forty most popular downloads for 2010. Many of them are consistently popular year to year, such as Peg Duncan’s e-Discovery reading list, limitation periods charts, retainer precedents and various technology articles (such as Essential Smartphone Apps and The best Blackberry tips). Some more popular recent articles include:

  • The Sample Budget Spreadsheet continues to grow in popularity, up 20% this year compared to last (in which it had doubled in downloads from 2008). Clearly lawyers are intersted in taking steps to improve their bottom lines.
  • There was also obviously a desire for guidance when it comes to how long to keep closed files, as almost 1,500 lawyers downloaded How Long Should You Keep Closed Files? from our December 2010 issue of LAWPRO Magazine.
  • Our Practice Pitfalls which had a wide-ranging look at in claims in several areas of practice was also a hit. In this article LAWPRO claims counsel discussed the claims trends they are seeing and how lawyers can best avoid the dangers that can lead to a malpractice claim.

The top downloads list is a good indicator of what’s of interest to lawyers year over year, and what issues are concerns in certain years in particular. See the forty most popular downloads for 2010 for tools and resources you can use to reduce your risk of a malpractice claim. The top downloads of 2009, 2008 and 2007 are also posted on this page.

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