The Replicator

The following is a very interesting article from the Economist on 3D printing technology that takes us one step closer to the replicator of Star Trek fame, “Print me a Stradivarius”. Is there a name for the phenomenon of technological development mimicking Star Trek?

3D printing would seemingly be mind-blowing for Access Copyright; I’m sure some of you are aware of the approximately 1300% increase they have proposed for the post-secondary educational institution tariff that has become quite a quagmire in post-secondary circles as institutions try to grapple with the changes and figure out how to approach copyright. In light of this copyright mess I was pleased to see an announcement from Crown Copyright and Licensing (CCL) recently announcing “…that permission to reproduce Government of Canada works is no longer required, in part or in whole, and by any means, for personal or public non-commercial purposes, or for cost-recovery purposes, unless otherwise specified in the material you wish to reproduce.” More info here. I can tell you that these copyright questions are affecting the law school casebook that we know (and either love or loathe) so well.

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