Jim Middlemiss Retires From Legal Post – Behind the Bar Column

Readers of SLAW will undoubtedly be readers of the Financial Post’s Legal Post.

Word comes today that lawyer/journalist/blogger Jim Middlemiss will retire from his blog posts at Legal Post and his Behind the Bar Columns but will instead continue to write a column for Canadian Lawyer magazine, “stick his toes in the corporate waters” and “maybe one day get that Twitter account figured out, assuming I have something relevant to say in 140 characters” (his words).

Drew Hasselback will continue as Legal Post editor.

Congratulations to both Jim and Drew. I find the Legal Post an excellent source for Canadian law-related news.


  1. Jim is one of the pioneers in Canadian legal journalism, and the legal marketplace will miss both his insights and his professionalism. I hope he does take up Twitter or blogging, because his voice and his views would be a welcome contribution to the profession’s online dialogue. Congratulations, Jim!