…And Now for Something Completely Different

I normally try to avoid posting about items that have been discussed elsewhere but I believe this merits a Slaw post. I’m sure many of have seen what follows in other forums (it was brought to my attention by a colleague) but this causes you to think a bit differently and more of that is good on a Monday morning. Okay maybe it isn’t completely different but it takes something you know well and does it differently and makes you wonder about the future of publishing and just what an ebook is or more specifically what an ebook might be. That would be Welcome to Pine Point what it’s creators call a “Liquid Book”. This one in particular is hosted at the NFB site, which in itself gives pause for thought when thinking about the future of publishing. I’m not sure where this fits into that large puzzle but I think it fits somewhere. Have a look and let your mind wander.


  1. I’m having absolutely no joy at all with this on a Mac. I’ve tried three browsers, but all I get is a perfectly black screen. I assume it’s working fine in Windows. Are other Mac users experiencing difficulty?

  2. Very interesting project. I was able to access it with Firefox on my macbook, Simon. It looks to be flash based.