Canadian Journals’ Tables of Contents

Those who don’t always have easy access to the big commercial databases might like to be reminded of the useful free service provided by the Washington & Lee Law School’s Current Law Journal Content, where the tables of contents of nearly 1600 journals are indexed. A few years ago Slaw used this service to offer a page setting out the TOCs of Canadian journals, but it somehow got lost in the first redesign of the blog.

I’ve re-instituted it now. You can always find the link on the new “useful things” item in the main Slaw menu. On the new page you’ll find the TOCs of the 20 most recently indexed Canadian journals, as well as a popup list at the top of the page telling you which 20 these journals are. You’d be well advised, though, if you’re interested in keeping abreast of Canadian law journal articles, to subscribe to the appropriate Current Law Journal Content RSS feed, a link to which also appears on the page.

But the Slaw page of TOCs, interesting though it is for the casual browser, has its main purpose in offering Google something to index: thanks to a Google custom search engine, the data on that page is searchable via our Canadian law blogs search function, found near the top of the right sidebar.

Now we simply need to persuade all Canadian law journals to become open access.


  1. Thank you Simon. This is a fabulous and long-overdue reference that will be welcomed by academics and many lawyers across the country. On Open Access, here here!

  2. Just saw on the “Current Law Journal Content” site this message:

    NOTE: CLJC is ceasing. No new issues will be added after May 15, 2011


  3. Hi Matthew

    Yes, I know. Sad indeed. I’ve got a line on a Canadian replacement service, but I need to wait a bit before announcing anything on their behalf.