New Canadian Legal History Blog

The Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History has been publishing a new blog, Canadian Legal History, for just over a month now. (Shame on us for not finding out faster. Shame on them for not telling us.) With the exception of the first welcoming post by University of Toronto law professor, Jim Phillips, all the posts thus far are by Mary Stokes, the R. Roy McMurtry Fellow in Canadian Legal History at Osgoode Hall Law School. Posts are running at about one or two a week.

Currently on Blogspot, the blog will be moving to the Osgoode Society’s new website in the near future.

[hat tip: @OsgoodeIFLS]


  1. Thanks for this, Professor Fodden (I would say Simon, but you taught me property law when I was at an impressionable and deferential age.) We do appreciate the publicity!
    One correction: I am the former McMurtry fellow at Osgoode. Claire Mumme is the current one. I’m currently working for Dean Sossin as the reseach coordinator for the Osgoode History and Archives Project (all inquiries, offers of memorabilia and stories of the good old days welcome at Which reminds me, I should post on that.
    And two comments: 1) I would be happy to post more if people would send more things to post. We would like to hear about legal history courses, articles, books, conferences, problems, ideas….whatever. Google, H-net, Current Periodical and EBSCO alerts will only take us so far!
    2) Jim has promised to post more–he’s a bit busy at the mo.
    Thanks again,