Twitter at CALL 2011

Howdy from Calgary! I am at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries.

There is a lot of interest in the discussions taking place at this year’s conference. I am hearing from law librarians, legal publishers, knowledge management directors, and many others as to how they can follow along if not in attendance. There is a lot of buzz about greening the library, time management, workflow, digitization, budgeting, cost recovery, legal project management, and ebooks. All the hot buzzwords! I have had more than a few people ask me to let them know the outcome of discussions. Wow!

The best way to stay in touch with this conference from the outside is by Twitter. The official hashtag is #callacbd. Whether you are in Calgary or not, you can follow along the public tweets in real time with the tag #callacbd at

Those of use currently tweeting (posting to Twitter) in case you prefer to follow individuals:

Shaunna Mireau

Susannah Tredwell

Colin Lachance


Susan Munro (please check back–soon to have open tweets)

biblio citizen (I’m curious to know who this is!)


Connie Crosby



  1. OK, tweets are now open!
    I’m so pleased to be at this excellent conference.

  2. Thanks again, #CALLACBD tweeters. I’m not there this year, but I’ve been able to stay connected through your tweets. Just wish there were more of you.

  3. Susan, that is great news! Mark, you will have to join us next year. ;)