Help Slave Lake Library

Quite a few of us who write for and read Slaw appreciate the important role that libraries play in our society. I feel comfortable, then, in inviting you to donate to the fund for the Slave Lake Library, which was utterly destroyed by the recent forest fire that devastated much of the area. The burning of a library is always a sad thing, but this was perhaps more poignant than most because the library was newly built as of 2010.

According to a communication from Louise Hamel, Manager of the Ontario Judges’ Library, money donations can be made via the Slave Lake Library website, and donated books can be shipped prepaid to:

    Peace Library System
    8301 – 110 Street
    Grande Prairie, AB T8W 6T2

    ATTN: Books for Slave Lake Library

For additional information, please contact Carol Downing, Assistant Director, at


  1. Thanks for posting this, Simon.

    A number of attendees at last week’s CALL conference spontaneously took up a collection, so some money has been rounded up. But it is just a start. I really do hope we can help them get their library back.

  2. We just had a yard sale at which the proceeds of sales of books were marked for the Slave Lake Library. However, we had a lot of good books unsold. Too bad they weigh so much; it must cost a fortune to ship them.

  3. Well done, John et al!

    I agree, it is too bad that shipping books is so expensive for the individual person in Canada. I wish there was a book rate we could all use. In the US people frequently lend books to friends via the mail. Sending used books to others in Canada is just not practical.