Toronto Civil Court Lists Available

Forgive me, please if this is a tad parochial, but yesterday the Toronto Civil Court Lists were made available on the Internet

The Toronto Lawyers Association announced that working with Regional Senior Justice Ed Then, and his Court staff they have finally secured for the benefit of the profession internet access to the Toronto Civil Court lists.

They should be available here. They undertake to post the next day’s list by 5 pm each day (the lists are subject to change).

Currently they have Trials, Pre-Trial & Case Conferences, Motions and Masters’ Motions available. Soon they hope to have the Commercial and Bankruptcy Lists.

Hap tip to my colleague Adam Goodman – and congratulations to Sam Marr and the TLA.


  1. For someone at my year of call, this feature is absolutely amazing.

    It allows us to prepare our draft orders with the appropriate master’s name, instead of writing it in when we arrive. It also allows us to ensure that the motion was confirmed, which far too frequently either doesn’t occur, was sent to the wrong fax machine, or happens too late in the day.

  2. And a second tip of congratulation to Omar on his Call to the Bar.

  3. Thanks again Simon. It becomes official on June 16.