Updates to My Legal Research and Writing Website

I have made some updates to my legal research and writing website:

1) Knowledge Management

I have added on my website a page devoted to Knowledge Management that provides some basic information on knowledge management in the legal profession, along with links to various resources. When I wrote the third edition of my book last year, I added what was a brand-new chapter to the book on knowledge management. It was only during my presentation last week at the New Law Librarians’ Institute (see my previous post) did it dawn on me that the accompanying website lacked information or resources specific to legal knowledge management, hence this update to my site on knowledge management.

2) Law-Related Movies

Ken Fox, a librarian at the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library, suggested two law-related movies to add to my list of law-related movies: (i) Secretary (2002, James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal) and (ii) Haiku Tunnel (2001, written, directed by and starring Josh and Jacob Kornbluff).

I was familiar with the first one, which is available on Netflix, but simply forgot to include it – it is perhaps not a movie for uptight, prudish readers that involves, shall we say, an interesting and highly unusual relationship between a lawyer and his secretary; however, I was not familiar with the second one and look forward to checking it out, a story about a different sort of legal secretary. I have added links to both movies on my site, which now contains listings for 120 law-related movies.

Ken also recommended a 1997 remake of 12 Angry Men, directed by William Friedkin and starring Jack Lemmon, so I have added a link to the remake in the entry for the original movie.


  1. Actually, if I remember Haiku Tunnel correctly, Josh Kornbluff addresses the audience at the beginning of the movie begging them not to alert any lawyers as to the movie’s existence. So I guess I’m in trouble!

  2. Thanks Ken.

    I appreciate you mentioning those movies.

  3. Thats a great list of movies! thanks for this post!
    Mark. H
    ( http://www.dinninghunter.com/)

  4. Andrea Davidson

    Another great legal film is “Snow Falling on Cedars.” This is a 1999 film adaptation a book about a former Japenese soldier put on trial for the murder his neighbour. A good description of the film is available at http://www.imdb.com

    Andrea D.