The New Lawyer Resources Page: A practicePRO Resource for New (Or Soon to Be) Lawyers

practicePRO has worked hard over the years to make lawyers aware of the wealth of practice management and claims prevention information available on the practicePRO site. Those efforts have resulted in becoming a regular destination for many lawyers, particularly solo and small firm lawyers who may not have access to all the resources of a larger firm.

Lately there is one segment of lawyers that LAWPRO and practicePRO have made an extra effort to reach out to: new lawyers and those about to be called to the bar. Its been our experience that when lawyers were students, they really didn’t have the time or inclination to give much thought to the ‘real world’ aspects of practicing law such as operating a firm, client service and malpractice claims; just dealing with the workload of law school was enough!

At the same time, lawyers venturing out into practice for the first time are most in need of practical help: creating a business plan, budgeting, retainers and other documents, client relations advice, marketing help and fraud prevention, etc. So LAWPRO has just launched The New Lawyer Resources page ( . Its goal is introducing newly minted lawyers to the practicePRO resources available to them.

This page links to existing practicePRO material that we think will be of interest to new and younger lawyers. We are working on additional resources that are targeted specifically at new lawyers. So if you know of any students or freshly minted lawyers, be sure to send them the link

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