Cite-on-Site Publications – Manitoba Current Awareness / Case Law Service

It appears that SLAW has not yet mentioned what appears to be a very useful and reasonably priced current awareness and case law service in Manitoba: Cite-on-Site Publications.

The site is run by Manitoba lawyer Brad Brooks and offers current awareness newsletters with case law summaries for the following 5 topics of Manitoba law: civil, criminal, family, first nations and municipal. Annual pricing seems extremely reasonable, with a range from $20 per year for the municipal service and $100 per year for the First Nations service, with the other services falling in between those ranges. Sample newsletters are provide (with a sample First Nations newsletter here).

The newsletters provide summaries or digests of recent Manitoba cases for each topic and provide a link to the full-text decision on CanLII.

I don’t know Mr. Brooks and would not likely need this service since I don’t practice in Manitoba but I thought I would mention the site since it seems like a good initiative on his part, one that is reasonably priced and the kind of legal publishing effort I like to see. When I inquired with a colleague from Manitoba about the service, the response I got was very favourable.

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