What Do You Love? — on Google, That Is

As those of you who’ve hopped in your bumper car on the brand new Google Plus ride will know, Google is working to bring many or most of its offerings onto one fairground. Plus, or + as Prince might have it, is a step in that direction, integrating Buzz, chat, Picassa, YouTube, News (aka Sparks), and the new microblogging platform, with presumably more to come. Perhaps as a way of getting us to think of all things Google as a unity, they’ve released a nonce device, called What do you love?. And interestingly, the front end is the simplest of pages, as though to reference the original, dead plain Google search page.

Put in a term and watch Google parse it across its various apps. Thus a search for [bastille] — because it is July 14, after all — brings up 18 panels, each displaying what Google has to say about [bastille] in Voice, Maps, Calendar, Groups, etc. etc.

I don’t imagine that this starburst is going to be much practical use, which is why I say it’s only a temporary tool. But it can be fun where it leads to unexpected results. Oh, and let me know if you “Find Bastille Nearby.”

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