Distracting Technologies

Since I am on vacation this week, I have been spending extra time with distracting technology like Google Plus. Another example of distracting technology is the D5 Cat that is moving clay and top soil on the Mireau Farmette at this very moment. It is very distracting attempting to compse a coherent Slaw post when there is a piece of heavy equipment appearing out the window at frequent regular intervals and a shovel waiting to be (wo)maned for the finishing work.

We, and I mean me, frequently define technology in its most circuit related form. In our modern world where machines do everything from conveying us to the office to blending our iced-cappucino, does the word ‘technology’ mean something different than it did fifty or one hundred years ago?

I hope you enjoy thinking about technology as a concept on this fine Tuesday. I will ponder the question as I man the shovel.


  1. I think so. Today we think of technology as somehow involving energy of some form, whether electricity, gasoline, or an alternative. I wonder if that started with the adoption of the steam engine? We do forget that pens and books are equally technology. And of course we must not forget the Rube Goldberg machine.