Update on the Claude Robinson Plagiarism Case

On July 20, 2011, the Quebec Court of Appeal confirmed that the production company Cinar, Ronald A. Weinberg, the late Micheline Charest, Christophe Izard, France Animation, Ravensburger FILM + TV Gmbh and RTV Family Entertainment AG did plagiarize Claude Robinson’s ideas and work, and deprived him of his copyright on the television series Robinson Sucroë. However, the Court considerably reduced the damages from $ 5,224.293 to $2,736.416.

The Court felt that this amount was enough to ensure that Cinar and the others would pay and not benefit from the work. In addition, M. Robinson becomes the proprietor of the plagarized work. The Court felt that this was enough to punish and deter them from ever plagiarizing another author’s work, while compensating adequately Mr. Robinson for his troubles.

Do you agree?

For more, you can read the previous Slaw post here.

La maison de production France Animation and the author Christophe Izard are thinking of appealing this case to the Supreme Court of Canada. I guess in 60 days we will find out if they follow through. I understand why M. Izard would want to, but I hope they don’t!

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