Social Media Breakfast

For the last few months a colleague from our marketing department and I have been attending SMBYEG. This is the 140 character form of Edmonton’s (Edmonton International Airport code being YEG) combined with the abbreviation for Social Media Breakfast. Not everyone who attends has a Twitter handle, but #SM users are certainly in the majority.

Social Media Breakfasts serves two main purposes:

  • Face-to-face networking: Bring together marketers, PR pros, students, entrepreneurs, and social media practitioners and enthusiasts of all stripes over breakfast.
  • Education: Through panel discussions, presentations, case studies, debates, and breakout sessions … teach, share, and learn social media best practices for business.

I like to learn new things. SMB topics are somewhat generic, unlike my usual choices in learning opportunities, which are most often targeted toward the legal industry or librarianship. Generic is a good thing. I am using the hour every last Friday of the month to try and understand what people outside the very small world that is the legal industry are thinking about when they use the words Social Media.

Check out the SMB website to see if there is a breakfast in a city near you. If there isn’t, perhaps you could start your own.


  1. Very cool–I know Bryan Person who started Social Media Breakfasts through my podcasting community. He has held the odd SMB in Toronto, but we have so many meetup groups here that it never took off in its own right.

    Another excellent group that meets in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver is Third Tuesday.

  2. Thanks Connie, I was hoping you would weigh in with more connection opportunities.