Say It Ain’t So (Cup-a) Joe

Okay, I admit, it is the dog days of August, so to speak. But it is a sunny Friday afternoon here in Halifax and that is a rare occurrence indeed lately and it does strange things to one’s mood. This news item caught my attention and stirred the things inside me that make me Canadian; it seems that there is internal strife brewing at our national institution Tim Horton’s. It is not good for the heart to see such strife within the family. But a lawsuit has been launched deriving from a decision made in the hierarchy of the company many years ago. Tim’s patrons were upset when the decision was made to produce all baked good centrally and then send them frozen to all the franchisee’s. The discerning tastes of Canadian’s were wise to this move and proclaimed their dislike for this method but this did not stop it from happening. Well it seems the chicken (salad sandwich) has come home to roost, as some franchisee’s have launched a suit against the company over that decision claiming that it has cost them large sums of money, to the tune of 1.95 billion dollars; or as MacLean’s put it: Tim Hortons’ extra-large trouble trouble or summed up more briefly in Restaurant News: Tim Hortons hit with $2 billion lawsuit. It kind of tugs at your heart like a beloved aunt and uncle going through a separation and divorce. We shall all wait to see how the courts treat this particular tempest in a coffee cup.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that a cup of joe has lead to the court room as was detailed previously here at Slaw.

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