Saskatchewan Law Review Looks at the McGill Guide 7th Ed.

The 7th edition of the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation is over a year old already. In a normal world, the newness and newsworthiness of this book (commonly known as the McGill Guide) would have worn off. Still, whenever someone asks for assistance with citing materials, I find myself in need of ‘more’ information. What are you citing, cases, articles? For whom, an academic paper, an internal document, the courts?

A book review published in the 2011 Saskatchewan Law Review at Volume 74, page 275 tells me that I am not alone with struggling for the correct answer to the citation question. Joanne Colledge and Lea Lapointe wrote an engaging article titled “How Does a “Uniform” Citation Guide Fail to Be Uniform? A Review of the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation. 7th Ed.”

The authors were kind enough to cite the discussion about this work at Slaw. Both LexisNexis Quicklaw and Westlaw Canada carry electronic copies of the Saskatchewan Law Review.

For your Tuesday chuckle, note how I completely avoided having to properly cite anything in this article!

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