IPPractice.ca – Additional Federal Court Docket Access

I have in the past complained about the abysmal lack of online access to Canadian court dockets at the same time as trying to compile a list of known links to Canadian court dockets to my Case Law research page on my legal research and writing website.

In addition to the new LexisNexis Canada dockets service I mentioned last week, a colleague has pointed out the free Canadian Federal Courts dockets service at IPPractice.ca, a website maintained by Alan Macek of Dimock Stratton LLP, a great site that does not yet appear to have been mentioned on SLAW (there is also a blog on the site, here).

At the Federal Docket Browser on the site, you can enter the court file number (e.g., T-780-08) and be brought to a free results page that provides more enhanced information than the actual dockets page from the Court, including links to any published decisions in the matter, appeal information and detailed docket information. A great feature!

The site also includes a Federal Court Hearing List, although this information appears to simply mirror the hearing information on the Court’s website.

I have updated the court docket information on my website to include both the LexisNexis Canada service and this free Federal Courts dockets service from IPPractice.ca.

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