Justice Brian Corrin Cleared of Charges

According to Victims of Violence the number of incidents of reported elder abuse increased by 14% since 2004. A third of these are committed by family members. Over 13% of the Canadian population is over 65, meaning elder abuse will be a growing concern.

One incident of alleged elder abuse that we will not have to worry about any more are the allegations against Brian Corrin, who was charged in February of this year on the accusations that an incident of family violence resulted in injuries to the Winnipeg Justice’s 89 year-old mother.

Based on contradictory testimony and the lack of forensic evidence the prosecutor, brought in from Ontario, withdrew the charges,

“Based on available evidence, there is not a reasonable likelihood of conviction,” Paul McDermott told the court. McDermott formally entered a stay of proceedings, which allows for charges to be reinstated within one year should circumstances change.

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