If You Build It – They Will Come – but Only if They Can Find Your Links

Loads of lawyers and law firms are posting content in various forms all over the Web. Firm websites, LinkedIn or Facebook updates, tweets, blog posts and comments, and so on. That is great, but it only gets you partway down the path to greater visibility on the Internet.

At the most basic level, the cornerstone to making yourself more visible is good content and linking. Do you know why linking is so important? Do you understand the ranking factors Google and other search engines use to determine what content appears at the top of search results? Are your links trusted and diverse? Do you know how to create a good link and what to do about a bad one?

If you are serious about making yourself more visible on the Web, you should know the answers to all these questions. You can find these answers in Link Building – The Essentials. This post on the distilled blog gives you a ton of great advice for free. People are paying SEO experts for the same information!

A hat tip to my friend Fred Faulkner IV for sharing this great link with me via Google+.

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