Quebec Legal Info Service CAIJ Launches New Website

CAIJ, the Centre d’accès à l’information juridique (the network of law libraries associated with the Québec Bar Association), has a revamped website with many new research features:

  • the UNIK search engine that allows for simultaneous keyword searching in its caselaw, commentary and Quebec and federal legislation databases
  • the eDoctrine collection of free full-text commentary and textbooks including the Développements récents (annual reviews of areas of law), the Collection de droit (Bar School materials), proceedings of the annual Quebec Bar Association congresses and a growing number of treatises from Wilson & Lafleur
  • the eLOIS collection of annotated laws (right now in beta): so far, CAIJ offers the Civil Code of Quebec, the provincial Labour Standards Act and the provincial Business Corporations Act – for each legislative section, there is a legislative history, links to parliamentary debates, and links to case law and/or commentary
  • enhanced legal news

Some great features that haven’t changed include the free JuriBistro TOPO service, the CAIJ knowledgebase of some 2,700 questions and answers compiled by CAIJ’s legal researchers based on real inquiries received from lawyers from across Quebec.

If you need to do Quebec legal research and you read French, I highly recommend the CAIJ site.


  1. But they have the Scott Index (Index to Canadian Legal Periodical Literature) and it was easier to know that is what you were looking at before. Now there is no English on the Biblio website so you don’t know if you are searching this index.

  2. The home page of the Quebec Legal Info Service indicates that the English version is forthcoming.