Slaw Site News – 2011-11-24

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1. Comment Watch:

In the last week there were 39 comments. You might be particularly interested in these:

  • the continuing discussion of Gabriel Granatsein’s post Mandatory Union Awareness Training at Apple
  • the informative comment by Carrie Liddy on guest blogger Philippa Lawson’s informative post on Bill C-12 and “Lawful Authority” Under PIPEDA
  • the thoughtful comments on Nelson & Simek’s post Ruminations on the Ethics of Law Firm Information Security

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2. SlawTips

This week’s tips on SlawTips are:

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3. Maritime Law Book Selected Summaries

This week’s Maritime Law Book case summaries are in precis on Slaw and full at

  • Walker v. British Columbia Securities Commission 2011 BCCA 415 [Fraudulent trading in securities]
  • Sordi v. Sordi 2011 ONCA 665 [Multiple family law issues]
  • Kimoto et al. v. Canada (Attorney General) et al. 2011 FCA 291 [Governmental administrative action]
  • Jeffery et al. v. London Life Insurance Co. et al. 2011 ONCA 683 [Class actions re participating account transactions]
  • Giesbrecht v. Canada Life Assurance Co. et al. 2011 MBQB 244 [Investment counsellor negligence]
  • R. v. D.N.C. 2011 ONCA 672 [Admissibility of similar acts]
  • R. v. Cater (K.) et al. 2011 NSPC 75 [Public interest privilege]

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