2011 Clawbies Time: Calling All Canadian Law Bloggers!

The Clawbies website design is now updated, and the season opening post is up. Yes, it’s time for the (6th!) Canadian Law Blog Awards!

Whether you’re a blogger or blog reader, the month of December has become the time to shine a light on your favourite Canadian law blogs and bloggers. And if you’re new to the Clawbies tradition, please make careful note of ‘the humble Canadian rule’ — don’t toot your own horn! Your blog gets automatically nominated when you nominate and link to other bloggers! Yes, it’s a wink-wink, nudge-nudge concept, but take a look around at the nomination posts from prior years for examples. Or search for ‘Clawbies 2010‘ or ‘Clawbies 2009‘; you’ll get a clearer picture — our goal is to have fun with it!

Once again, I am honoured to have colleague Jordan Furlong on the Clawbies judging panel. I am also extremely pleased to announce that Slaw’s Simon Fodden has also agreed to lend a helping hand in deciding the (virtual) hardware.

So please consider taking part: explore lawblogs.ca; see the Clawbies winners from prior years; and read the great legal content from bloggers who work and write about the law in Canada. Write a blog post with your nominations (or tweet with the #clawbies2011 hashtag) by December 28th, and we’ll announce the winners on New Year’s Eve!


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