You Might Like… Ten Teasers on Springman, Blackshirts, Devices, Photoshopping, Trust, and More

This is a post in a series appearing each Friday, setting out some articles, videos, podcasts and the like that contributors at Slaw are enjoying and that you might find interesting. The articles tend to be longer than blog posts and shorter than books, just right for that stolen half hour on the weekend. It’s also likely that most of them won’t be about law — just right for etc.

Please let us have your recommendations for what we and our readers might like.

CBC Radio 2 Concerts on Demand – Edmonton Folk Festival – kd lang and the Siss Boom Bang – More than a dozen songs from a live performance by this great Canadian singer.

The New York Review of Books – What Really Happened to Strauss-Kahn? – Edward Jay Epstein – This is a very detailed, very careful exposition of one of the astonishing events of the year. It’s more complicated by far than I, at least, had imagined.

Internet Archive – The Spring-Man and the SS (1945) – Jiri Trnka – Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… Springman! A fascinating WWII animated film from Czechoslovakia featuring a chimney sweep with springs on his feet who mocks and frustrates the Nazi occupiers.

The Modern World – Eternal Fascism: Fourteen Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt – Umberto Eco – Speaking of fascists, here’s an Eco piece from 1995 that, in his typical fashion, is a mix of humour, profundity, and muddle.

BERG Cloud – Announcing Little Printer and BERG Cloud – Everything old is new again. And now it’s printing. This undeniably cute little box will offer us printed paper strips to tuck under our toast at breakfast or magnet to the fridge. And it promises to fetch what you want without your having to tell it. – Fliers Still Must Turn Off Devices, but It’s Not Clear Why – Nick Bilton – Yes, what is Airplane Mode for? I sense a revolt in the offing. Already things are fraying at the edges—we see you checking your messages before the wheels have even touched the ground.

The New Yorker – Pre-Occupied: The origins and future of Occupy Wall Street – Mattathias Schwartz – An interesting piece about Kalle Lasn, the Canadian behind Adbusters and seemingly the originator of the OWS idea.

Dartmouth University – photoretouching – Prof. Hany Farid – As the piece in the NYTimes explains, Farid is working on software that might help us figure out which images have been photoshopped. The piece I’m showing you is a graphic of celebs shots “after” and “before” they were touched up by Photoshop.

The 2011 Gordon Osbaldeston Lecture – A Short History of the Erosion of Trust – Allan R. Gregg – From inauthenticity to an essay on it: Gregg’s target, though, is politics: “So even if we are now less deferential to our traditional leaders, and more efficacious and cynical as individuals, it may also be that this cultural shift has rendered us more insecure and vulnerable to the larger uncertainties that we cannot control through technology and social media.”

Broadbent Institute – The Social Democracy of Canadian Federalism – Tom Kent – A recent piece in the Toronto Star, “How to revive Canada’s dream of social democracy,” on the occasion of Kent’s death this month pointed me to this article, written by Kent at the age of 89. For the impatient, the Star condenses the Kent paper.

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