Find Something Nice for Your Special Lawyer With These Great Gift Guides

I suspect a few of you will be wondering the malls over the next few weeks looking for a gift for the special lawyer in your life. To save you from buying yet another bad tie (it’s the thought that counts!), here are four great online gift guides that should help you find a gift that will be welcomed and used by your favourite someone.

My good friend Reid Trautz just released his 7th Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers. Reid works on this all year and he always has some interesting suggestions. This morning, AttorneyAtWork released a slightly tweaked version of Reid’s guide featuring suggestions from some other Practice Management Advisors (including me).

On the Lifehacker site, you can find a great collection of gifts in the Show Your Coworkers You Care with These Awesome Under-$20 Gifts post. Look on the right-hand nav bar for other recent Lifehacker posts listing collections of gifts.

The Lifehacker post featured a great gadget I really want – and haven’t seen anywhere else – the TiltPod. The Tiltpod is a fantastic way to set-up a point-and-shoot camera or miniature camcorder to record a shot on any surface. The Tiltpod is a small disk (looks to be slightly larger than a toonie) that can easily be carried in a spare pocket in your backpack, camera bag or even on a keychain. When you’re ready to use it, just screw the rounded magnetic screw into the base of the camera. The rounded head of the screw sits in a little round hole on the disk. This lets you tilt and aim the camera just where you want. Sweet! No more looking for little stones or twigs to balance or angle your camera. A really useful gift for just $15.

The New York Times has a huge Holiday Gift Guide that features gifts in numerous different categories. You will find something to your liking here.

And lastly, if you need help sorting out what electronics you should hit your local newstand to pick up a copy of the December 2011 issue of Consumer Reports magazine (Some online info is public and some is for subscribers only). All sorts of features and rating information on tablet computers, e-book readers, smartphones, TVs, laptops and desktops, cameras and camcorders, printers, Blu-ray players, headphones and home-theater systems. They give you repair histories and even tell you where to shop as they rate various walk-in retailers and online stores.

Happy shopping everyone!

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