Clio Raises $6 Million in Funding

Who are these guys and why are they so happy? You’re looking at Clio co-founders Rian Gauvreau on the left and Jack Newton (Slaw blogger) on the right; and they’ll be smiling right now because they’ve just announced at Legal Tech that Clio has raised six million dollars in its Series B round of financing. From the Clio press release:

Clio will use this new funding to extend its product leadership position, aggressively developing new functionalities and supporting its growing customer base. In addition, the company aims to expand its footprint beyond the U.S. (which currently represents 95% of Clio’s sales) into other markets including Europe, Canada and Australia.

As the story in the Vancouver Sun explains,

Clio targets the majority of lawyers — those working solo or in small-scale firms — who want a reliable, convenient, low-cost method for managing their work flow. . . It is designed to streamline an array of tasks . . .

Our congratulations to Clio. It’s great to see a company in the legal industry getting it right in these difficult times.


  1. Wow–congratulations, guys!