Connected Bulletin on Impact of New Media in the Courts

I just learned of the existence of a bulletin called Connected, which is published by two US-based organizations, the National Center for State Courts and the Conference of Court Public Information Officers.

According to the inaugural April 2011 issue:

“This newsletter will provide news, information and resources on topics such as how courts are using new media, the impact of new media on court proceedings, ethical implications of judges and court staff using new media, and court policy issues relating to new media.”

The focus is American but there is occasionally material about non-US matters, as in the current issue (February 2012) which contains a story about a defendant in a UK commercial dispute being served via Facebook.

Our friends at the Courts of Nova Scotia might want to contact the editors to be included in the next issue.


  1. Little dissapointing that there’s no feed that I could see.

  2. You can subscribe to the feed from this page

  3. No RSS feed available from that newsletter page, that I can see. I may be missing it. Not looking for email, get too much email already.

  4. Thanks for bringing this bulletin to our attention, Michel-Adrien. It looks to be an interesting resource. It’s productive for those inside and outside the courts to be aware of thinking and practices in each other’s realm, I find.

    An RSS feed would be useful; in the meantime, Twitter users might be content to follow the posted Twitter feed: @NCSCNewMedia