Courthouse Libraries BC Video Legal Research Tutorials

Many SLAW readers will already be familiar with the excellent video legal research tutorials that the Courthouse Libraries BC have put together. If you are not I encourage you to check them out. The videos look great and really demonstrate the power of the medium as a teaching tool.

The tutorials provide the novice researcher with an excellent introduction on how to approach researching legislation and case law. For those of use who are librarians or lawyers working with students, the tutorials are a wonderful resource for supplementing and reinforcing our instruction and giving students something short and engaging to refer to when we are not available.

The Researching Legislation tutorials are especially effective at using screencast technology to demonstrate how online and print resources are used together to trace back a piece of legislation to its origin and to research legislative intent – both still largely paper based forms of research, and very tricky to teach. I never thought one could make looking through a print index to Hansard interesting, but the BC Courthouse Library managed to pull it off!

The Library also provides an 8 part series on finding cases on point that walks through how to use the CED, LawSource and CANLII to find and note-up relevant case law, as well as a 3 part series on finding forms and precedents including a tutorial on using O’Briens.



  1. John, thanks for your kind words about our videos – we’re really proud of them and working on more this year. If anyone has questions about the videos, Alex McNeur of Legal Research Essentials fame is happy to answer them –